Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Bennett Schechter Arcuri & Will we are committed to creating an open and diverse workplace where everyone can thrive.  We take equity and inclusion seriously and strive to create a culture that is engaging, supportive and compassionate.  We acknowledge that a commitment to diversity is a continuing process and at Bennett Schechter we are dedicated to improving year-over-year for the benefit of our workforce and clients.


We believe we are at our strongest when our workforce comes from all different experiences and backgrounds.  Our hiring practices are fair, equitable and aspire to achieve a diverse workforce at all levels in our firm.  Similarly, our DEI practices are focused on the retention and advancement of our current workforce with the goal of supporting each member of our team in reaching their full potential.


We believe service to the community is essential.  We engage in programs both at the individual and firm level to encourage involvement in the community around us.  We are proud to support diverse projects and initiatives in the local community.