Carol A. Condon Outstanding New Lawyer Award Announced by WBASNY WNY

Carol A. Condon Outstanding New Lawyer Award


Striving to recognize the outstanding contributions of the next generation of attorneys, WBASNY WNY is pleased to announce the establishment of the WBASNY WNY Carol A. Condon Outstanding New Lawyer Award, which will be awarded annually.  This award will be given to a WBASNY member who, as of December 31st of the current membership year, has been a member of the bar for not more than five (5) years, and who has either made outstanding achievements within the profession, or made outstanding contributions within the WBASNY WNY community, or both.

This award is named in honor of WBASNY WNY’s 1995-1996 President, Carol A. Condon.  Following nearly a decade of service to WBASNY at the state and local levels in the roles of both an officer and director, Carol A. Condon encouraged – and continues to encourage – new lawyers to become active contributors to their profession and community and showed them how to do so.  WBASNY WNY is proud to commemorate Carol A. Condon’s encouragement and mentorship of the next generation of lawyers with the “Outstanding New Lawyer Award” in her honor.

Letters of application Nomination are due May 7, 2015 and should be submitted by email to Elizabeth Kraengel, 2015 installation Committee Chairperson, at This award will be presented at the Annual installation of Officers and Directors and Awards Ceremony in July 2015.